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Hangzhou Dianzi University
Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) was originally founded in 1956.Over the decades, it has grown into a multi-disciplinary key institution of higher learning. It was listed among the top 5 universities in Zhejiang Province by the provincial government since 2015 and ranks No. 43 nationwide among sci-tech universities. Nowadays, it is renowned for its advantages in electronics, information science and business management. In the past 60 years since its foundation, HDU has cultivated more than a hundred thousand talents in the field of IT and business management. Boasting over 20 schools, HDU has a student population of over 28,000 and a faculty of more than 2,300. It offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in engineering, science, economics, management, humanities, law, and art, and doctoral programs in Electronic Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, and Computer Science and Technology. Following the motto of “Being industrious in study and action, keeping integrity and innovation”, HDU has developed tremendously in the past six decades and is now recognized as a key research-teaching university in the province, and a local hub of sci-tech research and technology transformation. With a goal of producing professionals with the knowledge to serve rapidly changing technology and conducting cutting-edge research, HDU stands as a catalyst for industrial growth in China and the world.     
  Address:   1158, No.2 Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Park, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Contact Person:   LIU shunli
Company Type:   College/University

English Language Instructor
The teaching position at Hangzhou Dianzi University is a full-time teaching position. The instructor should hold 12--16 forty five-minute class periods during a one week period. All preparation for the course, exams, office hours and others are the responsibility of the instructor according to their own time and scheduling. The courses range from freshman “Oral English” to post-graduate “Western Culture and Society”, or English major students “English Writing” and “English Literature”, and most lesson preparation is the responsibility of the instructor. A book will be provided for some courses, but not all. The average class size is about thirty to thirty five students, depending on major and other campus.
Code:   481
Job Type:   Full Time
Working Location:   Hangzhou
Working Experience:   No Experience
Education Requirement:   College/University
Major Requirement:   No required
Working Contract:   1 to 2 years
Recruitment number:   2 persons
Accommodation Provide:   Yes
Air Ticket Reimbursement:   Yes
Insurance Provide:   Yes
Teaching Hours per Week:   10 to 20 hours
Salary per month:   5000 to 7000 yuan
Student age:   15 to 23 years old
Renew Date:   2017-9-23 21:49:44
Deadline:   2018-1-30
Address: Unit 303, Long He Building, No.78, An Wai Avenue,Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100011 China
Telephone: 010-51697538 021-31267430 020-61130060 0755-61289740 Fax: 010-51697539
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